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The Essence of The Development of Science And Technology

What is the essence of the development of science and technology? It is to help make people's life more comfortable. Data shows that the re-lease rate of zonertranslator in the tourism industry is up to 70%, 100.4 times a day, and the highest monthly call rate is up to 15,000 times, which is a high frequency demand. Obviously, the powerful zonerwifi translation machine will have stronger application performance, and will let more and more people go to the world freely.
Just as the CEO of participle tower technology, guan lei, presented a wonderful free travel scene to thousands of guests around the world in his speech:
With juner WiFi translation all-in-one machine in Japan free travel, out of narita airport, first use AI voice secretary to find the line to go to the restaurant, a shot of the sign, juner automatic pop-up restaurant word of mouth comments, through the recommendation of the Japanese girl, enjoy the authentic food; After eating to visit the asakao temple, open the global scenic spot navigation function, there is an AI voice "guide" to explain the allusion; See fresh flowers, take a beautiful picture, the screen shows baidu information commentary......
Sun xiaohua, former vice chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and executive vice chairman of the All-China environmental protection federation, a member of the CPPCC national committee, pointed out that cooperation between countries, as well as exchanges with foreign friends present, must be solved as globalization accelerates and language barriers are broken. As a pacesetter in the field of artificial intelligence translation in China, participle tower technology can solve the pain point of hundreds of millions of people with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, which deserves the pride of Chinese people. We hope that companies like voice tower can continue to use innovation to drive development and create a better intelligent life.
Mr. Huang anqiu, chairman of dongfang guoshi group, is very optimistic about the market prospect of artificial intelligence translation machine. The WiFi translation all-in-one machine has brought a new business model and infinite possibilities in the future.
Mr. Yu youcheng, deputy secretary general of China association of artificial intelligence, professor wang dong, deputy director of speech and language center of tsinghua university, and professor wang yanfeng, deputy director of Shanghai jiaotong university respectively pointed out the technological innovation and leading point of the shener WiFi translation integrated machine from the technical aspect.
The future has come, zonerwifi translation all-in-one machine will start from cross-language communication to create comprehensive solutions for outbound tourism products, bring new forms of business for cultural tourism industry, and bring more in-depth and free tourism experience for users.
The dream of participle tower technology is to realize the cross-language communication between different countries and nationalities and make human communication barrier-free. Barrier-free communication can remove information asymmetry, reduce friction, and bring more peace and happiness.
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