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A Discussion About the Future Trends of 5G Technology and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

In the past two years, 5G technology has become a promising avenue for the future development of major operators and mobile phone manufacturers. However, in addition to greater bandwidth transmission efficiency, many users have no in-depth understanding of 5G technology. Today, the author will briefly talk about the development trend and advantages and disadvantages of 5G technology.
Have a look at this picture, is the electromagnetic wave, our phone is also in this way to send and receive data, from 2 g to 5 g era, that we use is probably figure "intermediate frequency - uhf" inside collect communication, if you think of the 2 g era "GSM900" and "CDMA800" can learn, at the back of the digital means the equipment working frequency band is at 900 MHZ and 800 MHZ.
According to the new 5G standard, GPP 38.101 protocol stipulates that the main frequency of 5G NR is divided into two stages: FR1 band and FR2 band. The operating frequency of FR1 band is 450MHz~6GHz, also known as sub 6GHz band. The operating frequency of the FR2 band is 24.25ghz ~ 52.6ghz, which is commonly known as millimeter wave. According to the first table, the frequency of 5G belongs to uhf and uhf of transmission rate. The higher the frequency, the shorter the band length. (if it's really easy to get confused, imagine squeezing a kilometer of ocean waves into a meter, the equivalent of 2G evolving to 5G, so you don't have to go to the sea by boat anymore, but you can see right through it.
So why hasn't anyone done something so good before?
For a long time, people did not need that fast transmission rate, transmission cost is high, who wants to take 10 dollars 30 meters to watch the game video? However, when you watch video online, it has come to the era of 3G~4G, 4G LTE cellular maximum bandwidth is 100MHz, data rate is not more than 1Gbps; When it comes to 5G and MMW, the maximum bandwidth is 400MHz and the data rate can exceed 10Gbps. 5G brings large bandwidth and high speed, and there is market demand. Therefore, the technical problem of producing affordable and high-quality integrated circuit components of frequency band has been solved.
Overcome rate limit, after working in millimeter wave 5 g system can provide a lot of 4 g can't provide business, such as hd video, virtual reality, augmented reality, wireless base stations return (backhaul), short distance radar detection, dense city information service, the stadium concert/shopping center wireless communication services, factory automation control, remote medical, security surveillance, intelligent transportation system, the airport security check and so on.
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