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China's First Artificial Intelligence Spoken Language Translation Machine Was Born

The Essence of The Development of Science And Technology

June 7, in China's tourism research institute, sponsored by the travel channel, holding hui "2018 CTCIS the seventh Chinese brigade big consumption innovation summit", for thousands of tourism from the global cafe, tsinghua team partials tower technology once again to launch the world's first outbound tourism one-stop service products - certain WiFi and translation machine CEO GuanLei speeches and presentations caused a sensation.
As the founder of China's artificial intelligence translation machine, it is a milestone innovation from product to one-stop solution of fenyin tower technology, following the development of the world's first screen and China's first artificial intelligence translation machine.
China is the world's largest source of outbound tourism, with more than 269 million inbound and outbound tourists in 2017. According to the survey, language barrier is the biggest pain point for outbound tourists, including the inability to understand the sound and text. In addition, high traffic, ignorance of scenic spots, inconvenient consultation and service are also important factors affecting outbound tourism experience.
Tsinghua juner translation machine is the world's first artificial intelligence translation machine with screen, and China's first artificial intelligence spoken language translation machine. It adopts advanced TZ deep learning algorithm and TZ neural network algorithm, and applies quadruple linear difference array. Support global 39 languages, 51 countries accent, language, accurate translation; Also support multi - machine dialogue, multi - language multi - regional dialogue is not under the word. However, in the face of outbound tourists many pain points, this is not enough.
Therefore, the zonerwifi translation all-in-one machine brings five improvements:
1. Offline translation: before, split voice tower technology cooperated with CSLT of tsinghua university to conquer the offline speech recognition technology of Chinese, English and Japanese languages, and Japanese offline speech recognition technology was still a domestic breakthrough. This new product is the WiFi translation all-in-one machine, will support offline translation, to ensure that the Internet is not available;
2, global Internet access: support WiFi, 4G card, virtual card networking, one key to open the network, but also a multi-use machine, at any time to share mobile phones, Pad use, simplify the device, convenient travel;
3. Photo translation: it is the first translation machine to take photos of objects by AI, which can take photos to translate menus, road signs, texts, signs, etc., as well as animals and plants, and provide detailed information through AI identification. Even better, it can also film consumption places such as restaurants, where users can get comments and recommendations.
4, new global scenic spots navigation function: this allows the zoner WiFi translation machine to become an AI voice guide, with it, free travel outbound tourism no longer need to pass a glance, you can easily enjoy more than N foreign attractions;
5. AI voice secretary: through voice interaction, you can easily query navigation, exchange rate, weather and other information, and enjoy convenient services.
It can be said that the zhuner WiFi translation integrated WiFi, translation, scenic spots in one, three machines need to do, really do a machine in hand, travel around the world.
According to the voice tower technology CEO guan lei, zonerwifi translation machine can help the following five categories of objects:
1. Provide users for the destination company, guide the users with needs, and conduct accurate drainage.
2. Provide complete ecological backflow for otas. Zonerwifi all-in-one translation machine can well supplement OTA services, such as embedding service content provided in OTA lines to enhance data integrity; Carry on subdivision to the crowd in line and upgrade service, enhance user stickiness, improve user satisfaction.
Third, for the scenic area, the hotel to provide better service.
Zhuner WiFi translation all-in-one machine can implant service information for the destination scenic spot and hotel, strengthen the user's cognition, reduce the communication cost with the user; Can provide customized service content, optimize its own product features and services. It can also provide value-added services for users, or provide users with a destination hotel and scenic one-stop service.
Iv. Help local government agencies upgrade their services and create a new card of smart tourism.
For foreign tourists entering the country, management and communication costs can be reduced, service level can be improved, innovative products and services can be created, and a new card of smart tourism can be created. For example, the police and scenic spot staff in pingyao and wuhu of shanxi have been equipped.
Provide intelligent service for tour guides.
Zonerwifi translator all-in-one machine can assist the leader of a specific line to upgrade the service, reduce the workload of the leader and enhance the user's service satisfaction; It can also act as a team leader assistant to break the language limitation and help expand the feasible market.
What is the essence of the development of science and technology? It is to help make people's life more comfortable. Data shows that the re-lease rate of zonertranslator in the tourism industry is up to 70%, 100.4 times a day, and the highest monthly call rate is up to 15,000 times, which is a high frequency demand. Obviously, the powerful zonerwifi translation machine will have stronger application performance, and will let more and more people go to the world freely.
Just as the CEO of participle tower technology, guan lei, presented a wonderful free travel scene to thousands of guests around the world in his speech:
With juner WiFi translation all-in-one machine in Japan free travel, out of narita airport, first use AI voice secretary to find the line to go to the restaurant, a shot of the sign, juner automatic pop-up restaurant word of mouth comments, through the recommendation of the Japanese girl, enjoy the authentic food; After eating to visit the asakao temple, open the global scenic spot navigation function, there is an AI voice "guide" to explain the allusion; See fresh flowers, take a beautiful picture, the screen shows baidu information commentary......
Sun xiaohua, former vice chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and executive vice chairman of the All-China environmental protection federation, a member of the CPPCC national committee, pointed out that cooperation between countries, as well as exchanges with foreign friends present, must be solved as globalization accelerates and language barriers are broken. As a pacesetter in the field of artificial intelligence translation in China, participle tower technology can solve the pain point of hundreds of millions of people with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, which deserves the pride of Chinese people. We hope that companies like voice tower can continue to use innovation to drive development and create a better intelligent life.
Mr. Huang anqiu, chairman of dongfang guoshi group, is very optimistic about the market prospect of artificial intelligence translation machine. The WiFi translation all-in-one machine has brought a new business model and infinite possibilities in the future.
Mr. Yu youcheng, deputy secretary general of China association of artificial intelligence, professor wang dong, deputy director of speech and language center of tsinghua university, and professor wang yanfeng, deputy director of Shanghai jiaotong university respectively pointed out the technological innovation and leading point of the shener WiFi translation integrated machine from the technical aspect.
The future has come, zonerwifi translation all-in-one machine will start from cross-language communication to create comprehensive solutions for outbound tourism products, bring new forms of business for cultural tourism industry, and bring more in-depth and free tourism experience for users.
The dream of participle tower technology is to realize the cross-language communication between different countries and nationalities and make human communication barrier-free. Barrier-free communication can remove information asymmetry, reduce friction, and bring more peace and happiness.
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